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Entrican Bible Church3899 N Grow Road, Stanton, MI 48888(989)-283-4402

Children's Ministries

Sunday School

Held between 9:45 am and 10:45 am. Classes are held in the downstairs classrooms and divided into three individual classes by age:

  • Class 1 - Ages 3-6: Teaches the basics of Christianity through crafts, verse memorization, songs and Bible stories
  • Class 2 - Ages 7-10: Teaching goes a bit deeper with Bible reading, more in-depth exploration of the better-known characters and stories from the Bible and introduction to apologetics.
  • Class 3 - Ages 11-13: Further in-depth study of Biblical and faith principles

Junior Church

Held between 11 am and Noon. Classes are divided into two groups based on school grade: 1st grade and younger meet in a downstairs classroom for crafts and other activities and 2nd - 6th grades held in the outdoor annex (see photos).


Goals of Junior Church - Through the activities of the Junior Church program, we aim to:

  • Help students make sense out of life - To promote understanding of Creation, what went wrong and God's plan to fix it.
  • Teach them to love others - In today's "me-centered" society, it can be harder than ever to teach students how to love and serve others. This program aims to show students how to use Christ as an example for this.
  • Provide an open invitation to be a part of God's plan - Research has shown children tend to be more receptive to the Gospel than any other age group. Their first step in making a decision for Christ will be to discover their place in God's plan. They will have this oportunity.
  • Teach how to avoid the negative outcome of sin - Only God's grace can change their hearts. Knowing the consequences of disobeying God will help encourage them to choose to obey Him.
  • Show students how to counter balance worldly influences - Children see the harmful influences in society around them. The positive influences we will show them will help counter-balance the worldly influence.
  • Help them make good friendship choices - Our activities will give them opportunities to meet new friends and create a treasure box of good memories.
  • Show students that worship of God can be enjoyable - They will learn and be a part of the fun of bringing glory to God. We would like tthe children to find indestructible joy in Christ.
  • Make students into Junior Leaders - The children will watch and learn from other Junior and Adukt Worship Leaders, with the goal of promoting them to follow in their footsteps. This will equip them to be an active part of their Christian community.


(Note *** All Adult teachers, Worship Leaders and volunteers are background-checked prior to serving with the children and youth of the church)

Mission Statement:

As servants of Christ, we exist to glorify God through the evagelization of sinners and the edification of saints.

          Worship Hours

Sunday School:

9:45 - 10:45 a.m.


Sunday Worship:

11:00 a.m. - Noon


During Morning Worship

Young Kids 'n' Crafts:

11:30 a.m. - Noon

(located in lower level) 


Intermediate (Junior) Church:

11:00 a.m. - Noon

(lower level)


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